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There’s a perfect crystal for EVERY room!

Larger crystal pieces are such an amazing way to accent a room while also shifting the energy inside of your space. 

A beautiful addition to any home decor, crystals can lend a pop of colour to your surroundings, bring some nature inside, and help set the intention for each area in your home. 

Here are some of our favourite crystals for your home and where to place them!

SELENITE - to help keep the energy in your home fresh and clear, use it by your front door! It’ll help rid you of any negative vibes you've come across throughout the day and keep positive energy flowing more freely.

ROSE QUARTZ - to cultivate love, open up your heart, and promote a better night’s sleep, use it in your bedroom. Tuck it under your pillow or place it beneath your bed (so it can be aligned with your heart centre while you sleep)! 

AMETHYST - since it’s incredibly calming, Amethyst works well in your living room or anywhere you like to relax. Having Amethyst in your living space can help to soothe anxiety and stress and assist in balancing your moods and the moods of those around you.

CITRINE - if you want to welcome more financial abundance into your life, add it to your home office. It can also help to increase your confidence when making big, work-related decisions.

CARNELIAN - this stone is perfect for the kitchen because it delivers confidence and boosts creativity while you’re whipping up something tasty! 

BLUE CELESTITE - its comforting energy makes it the perfect crystal to place in the room of an infant or young child. It’s said to aid them in having a calmer night’s rest and can bring on feelings of peace and serenity (bye bye, bedtime tantrums!).

BLACK TOURMALINE & SHUNGITE - are both great for any room with lots of electronics because they absorb and neutralize electromagnetic frequencies most commonly emitted by devices like cell phones, laptops, smart watches...etc. They’re also great crystals to keep you feeling grounded and protected. 

Ever wondered where to place some of your other crystals? I’d be happy to help! Send me a message at clayandquartz@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram at @clayandquartz and let’s find the best spot for your new crystals together.

Love + light,