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Large Obsidian Raw Stones

Large Obsidian Raw Stones

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Pronunciation: uhb-si-dee-uhn

Origin: Brazil

Average Size: 1.5" - 2"

Obsidian is most commonly used for protection, healing, and manifesting honesty within ourselves and others.

A strong protective stone, Obsidian forms a shield against negative energy. It draws out mental stress and tension and absorbs negativity from the environment - making it a great stone for sensitive souls and empaths. It’s also useful in guarding your home from any bad vibes. 

Obsidian can also help to draw out and heal any toxic or heavy emotions you might be processing. Whether it’s due to heartbreak, grief, or loss - Obsidian can assist you in beginning the healing process and provide energy support. 

Let this Obsidian give you the strength and protection you need to overcome any challenge life may throw your way (we know it’s hard, but you’ve got this!). Place it in a common space to safeguard your environment and everyone in it.


The price noted is for 1 raw piece of Obsidian.

These stones are naturally shaped and slightly rough. 

Please note that colours, flashes, shapes, and sizes may vary from order to order due to the nature of this crystal. 

Each crystal is intuitively chosen and is a natural product created by Mother Earth - which makes them one-of-a-kind, beautifully imperfect, and unique.