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Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones

Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones

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Pronunciation: roz kworts

Origin: Brazil

Average Size: 0.8" - 1"

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love, but it’s not just all about romance with this crystal.

Rose Quartz speaks to ALL kinds of love - it can help you connect and communicate more deeply with your family, aid in forming a stronger bond between spouses and friends, and even help you on your self-love journey (the most important love of all!).

Rose Quartz is calming and reassuring, bringing on feelings of inner peace and helping to comfort those going through times of grief. It encourages forgiveness and acceptance. It invokes self-trust & deepens self-worth.

Rose Quartz will guide you towards understanding and loving your true self. When life knocks you off your feet, Rose Quartz can bring you back into your heart - the core of your being.

Keep this stone wherever you spend a lot of time and bring on those lovin’ vibes.


The price noted is for 1 tumbled piece of Rose Quartz. 

These stones are naturally formed and then tumbled to give them a smoother feel and slightly glossy appearance.

Please note that colours, flashes, shapes, and sizes may vary from order to order due to the nature of this crystal. 

Each crystal is intuitively chosen and is a natural product created by Mother Earth - which makes them one-of-a-kind, beautifully imperfect, and unique.