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Shungite Tumbled Stones

Shungite Tumbled Stones

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Pronunciation: sh-uhn-gite

Origin: China

Average Size: 0.75" - 1"

Shungite is an incredible protector and purifier. While it’s an essential stone for anyone’s crystal collection, it’s technically not a crystal at all! Shungite is actually a mineraloid and is comprised primarily of carbon. 

If you’re feeling a little foggy, have low energy levels, or want to detox your spirit - Shungite is the stone for you. Shungite is an ancient healing stone that can remove unwanted energies from your aura and help to diminish any bad vibes that might be lingering in the environment around you. Its powerful cleansing properties can also aid in providing relief from stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Shungite works to balance the Root Chakra too, leaving you feeling grounded and protected. 

Shungite is also considered the best stone to help block electromagnetic frequencies most commonly emitted by electronic devices (such as cellphones, laptops, smart watches...etc). By wearing Shungite jewelry, carrying a small Shungite tumble with you, or adding Shungite to your space you can minimize the effects of EMFs in your home and on the go. 

Let Shungite cleanse you of unwanted energies and provide you with healing and balance. 


The price noted is for 1 tumbled piece of Shungite. 

These stones are naturally formed and then tumbled to give them a smoother feel and slightly glossy appearance. 

Please note that colours, flashes, shapes, and sizes may vary from order to order due to the nature of this crystal. 

Each crystal is intuitively chosen and is a natural product created by Mother Earth - which makes them one-of-a-kind, beautifully imperfect, and unique.