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Small Tiger's Eye Tumbled Stones

Small Tiger's Eye Tumbled Stones

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Pronunciation: tai-gr’s ai

Origin: South Africa

Average Size: 0.75" - 1"

Tiger’s Eye is a mighty guardian stone that can help you to live fiercely and manifest wealth. 

Tiger’s Eye is known to enhance confidence, willpower, and integrity - making it a great stone for leaders, entrepreneurs, and anyone embarking on a major career change. 

It helps you stay resilient in overwhelming situations, stimulates action, and reduces fear so you can go forth and conquer. Tiger’s Eye is a stone of luck and good fortune, ready to attract a steady flow of money to its bearer. 

Tiger’s Eye also encourages you to live boldly and bravely in all aspects of life - pushing you to believe in yourself and take risks. It lends you the courage, strength, and self confidence needed to go after your dreams.

The price noted is for 1 tumbled piece of Tiger's Eye.

These stones are naturally formed and then tumbled to give them a smoother feel and slightly glossy appearance.

Please note that colours, flashes, shapes, and sizes may vary from order to order due to the nature of this crystal. 

Each crystal is intuitively chosen and is a natural product created by Mother Earth - which makes them one-of-a-kind, beautifully imperfect, and unique.